Background Reading

  1. Richard Holmes, Shelley, The Pursuit (1974/1995)
  2. Claire Tomalin, Shelley and His World (1980/1992)
  3. Michael Foot, The Politics of Paradise: A Vindication of Byron (1988)
  4. Benita Eisler, Byron: Child of Passion, Fool of Fame (1999)
  5. C.L. Cline, Byron, Shelley and their Pisan Circle (1952)

Additional Readings

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Paul Stock, The Shelley-Byron Circle and the idea of Europe

Timothy Morton (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Shelley

Marion KingstonStocking (ed), The Journals of Claire Clairmont

Charles E. Robinson, Shelley and Byron: The Snake and Eagle Wreathed in Flight

 Jean Starobinski, 1789: The Emblems of Reason (MIT, 1988)

Paul Cantor, Creature and Creator: Myth-Making and English Romanticism (Cambridge, 1984)

J.J. Rousseau, La Nouvelle Heloise (Penn State, 1968)

Percy Shelley, Political Writings (Croft Classics)

Lord Byron, Don Juan
Required Texts

  1. Mary McCarthy, The Stones of Florence (1963)
  2. Mary McCarthy, Venice Observed (1963)
  3. Goethe, Italian Journey
  4. David Gauthier, Rousseau: The Sentiment of Existence
  5. Daniel Hahn, Shelley: Poetic Lives

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