Let ‘R Buck Saloon

img_mic_hat_guitarThe Burgeron family is getting geared up for the family reunion in August and they’re beginning to do some singing and composing for the grand event. We’re going to perform at the ‘Let ‘R Buck Saloon’ in Bovine County in August after our bonfire gathering and really get the place rockin’.  Here’s my latest Popcorn Maker mashup about the reunion.

Here is some of the of the latest entertainment for you from my talented kin.

DS106 Trailer Blues RCMR



Cousin Ron: countrystyle




Betty-Lou of Bovine, by Ron Burgeron
(use melody of Yellow Rose of Texas)

There’s a yellow rose in Bovine, that I was singing to.
Nobody else could love her, as much I would do.
I cried so when she left me, it was so long ago.
I never saw her back again, but can not let her go.

She’s the sweetest Rose of Bovine, this trailer ever knew.
Her eyes as big as cow’s eyes, they sparkled in the dew.
Her father called me stupid boy, and threw his pot at me,
but Betty-Lou of Bovine, is the only girl for me.


Sappho Productions






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