Why I Left Home



You’ve read about the family name mix-up, no doubt!

I was born Sappho Burgeron. I’m not sure why my parents gave me such a different name. Perhaps it was because I was their first, and they wanted to link me back to family roots; although, I can’t believe they would have considered going back to ancient Greece for our roots, especially as they were Texans through and through. Anyway, Sappy became my nickname pretty quickly and it suited me because I was quite a sentimental child, born under the Aquarian sign and all.

I was always a little different. I used to go off on my own and dream or read. We didn’t have many books, but sometimes I got a few from the small local library. Of course, I had plenty of chores to do on the ranch to help out especially when baby Don was born! I had to wash dishes, fold laundry, rock the baby to sleep, feed the chickens and pigs, get the mail -things like that but ranch life was hard on Ma and Pa and except for the fun family gatherings and great big Texan sky, I always thought I wanted something else, somewhere else, for my own life.

I read whatever I could get my hands on. Children’s books on Texan longhorns as well as classic fairy tales, and when I got a little older I found some stories about Texan colonists and the Texas Revolution and read these while also reading Nancy Drew mysteries which fueled my mind with ideas about adventures and independence. I also liked to pour through my Ma’s cookbooks and family recipes passed down through 2 generations.

I’ll tell you next about the one room school house I went to when I was young. Here’s a picture of Venice which hung on one of the walls in that schoolhouse. The picture was so different from where I lived in Bovine County, Texas.








You might also like to listen to cousin Ron’s song about our family trailer.











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